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Suzuki GSX-S750 | ABS Suzuki Big Bike Suzuki GSX-S750 | ABS Suzuki Big Bike Suzuki GSX-S750 | ABS Suzuki Big Bike Suzuki GSX-S750 | ABS Suzuki Big Bike Suzuki GSX-S750 | ABS Suzuki Big Bike

GSX-S750/ABS Official Promotional Movie

The Apex Predator

Hear the wild induction of roar strike your soul. Feel genuine GSX-R power stir your spirit. Own the apex of every corner. Powered by a legendary supersport engine, Armed with the latest technologies. Tuned to command the streets Build to reign supreme over naked sport bikes, The GSX-5750 is a true apex predator.

Bold, Breathtaking Style

From the bold upswept lines of its crouched stance to the aggressive styling of its new headlight, fuel tank and body trim designs, every aspect of the GSX-5750 speaks of the raw power. predictable performance and functional beauty inherit to a true apex predator. It invites you to climb on and make it your own, while you dominate the roads in and around your town together.

Carefully sculpted bodywork

Highlights include the powerful lines of the chiseled fuel tank, vented front fender, light rear fender, molded mirrors, and angular tail section with integrated LED taillight, new clear turn signals, and clean layout of a wiring and hoses. The thin seat is shaped for sport riding, and also to helps make it easier to firmly plant one's your feet on ground and combines with the handlebars and footpegs to ensure a comfortable riding position.


This predator opts its aggressive looking head light design and fang shaped position lights directly from the GSX-S1000.

Tapered handlebars

Combined with black levers and a new switch design, they enhance the looks of an area that often falls within the rider's field of vision.

Lightweight black footpegs

The GSX-S750 shares the same aluminum footpegs used on the GSX-S1000. Both lightweight and sporty, their black coloring makes them blend in naturally with the machine to create a cool look.

Belly pan

The addition of a standard-equipment belly pan enhances the aggressive styling and cohesive aesthetics of the machines overall design.

Ready to ROCK the Streets

Inherited directly from a GSX-R supersport machine, the powerful 749cm3 four -cylinder fuel-injected engine is specially tuned and refined to maximize its potential on the streets and on winding roads. Cutting-edge technologies from the legendary GSX series control engine management. The downdraft double-barrel, Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system ensures efficient combustion and smooth, highly controllable power delivery throughout the engine's broad power range. Suzuki's digital ignition system, Idle Speed Control (ISC) and the use of iridium spark plugs contribute to linear throttle response, greater low-end torque production, easier engine startup, lower cold-start emissions, and more stable idling.

Greater power with fewer emissions - the best of both worlds

The GSX-S750 boosts the power output of its street-tuned engine over its predecessor, even while making advances that satisfy the stringent new Euro 4 emissions regulations and achieve a classleading level of fuel efficiency at 2O4km/L (4.9OL/lOOkm).

1. 4-stroke 4-cylinder 75Occ class (As of September 2016)

2. Measured by Suzuki in the Worldwide Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC mode) exhaust emissions measuring conditions. Actual fuel economy may differ owing to differences in conditions such as the weather, road. Rider behavior and maintenance.

Three-mode traction control system

This track-bred technology provides a greater confidence and reduces fatigue by delivering control over engine output that helps prevent rear wheel spin. The system operates so smoothly and naturally that it does not interfere with handling, even when the rider wishes to engage in aggressive sports riding The rider can freely select one of the three modes using the convenient handlebar switch. Mode one is for sport riding with minimal intervention; mode two offers the ideal balance for typical road conditions; and mode three delivers maximum traction control when riding in poor conditions.

Note: The traction control system is not a substitute for the rider's throttle control under any conditions. It cannot prevent loss of traction due to excessive speed when the rider is entering a turn and or braking. Also, it cannot prevent the front wheel from losing grip.

Easy Start System

A simple press of a starter button turns over the engine and starts the bike. Not having to hold the button down until the engine fires adds extra convenience when heading out on a ride.

Crankcase ventilation holes

Ventilation holes between the pistons on the upper crankcase reduce pumping loss. This contributes to increasing power output while at the same time satisfying the stringent new Euro 4 emissions regulations.

Long-nosed fuel injectors

Long-nosed ten-hole fuel injectors introduced on each throttle body optimize fuel atomization to promote greater combustion efficiency and help limit fuel consumption.

Sound tuning

The GSX-S750 adopts an air box that draws air in from three optimized inlets. The resulting intake sound is music to the ears when accelerating.

Low RPM Assist

Engine speed is controlled to ensure it doesn't drop below what is necessary to maintain a smooth idle. Low RDM assist also monitors engine speed, enabling to operate the clutch level and pull away without opening the throttle. This helps with negotiating the traffic jams and busy city streets smoother and easier.

Final gear ratio optimized for positive acceleration

The GSX-S adopts a shorter final gear ratio that helps maximize acceleration, while the sixth gear retains a ratio that does not compromise to top speed.

Configured for a Dynamic Ride

Top predators have naturally evolved to perform optimally, and the GSX-S750 is just such an animal. Every component is designed and tuned to deliver a maximum performance and to look good while doing it. Sure-footed, nimble and highly responsive, the GSX-S750 is definitely comfortable, smooth and are more than ready to take you wherever you want to ride, furthermore do it in style.

Radial mounted four-piston opposed front calipers

The radial mount design provides a positive feeling when applying the brakes and maximizes braking control. Each of the front calipers has four opposed pistons (33 9mm x 2 & 30 2mm x 2) acting on a 31Omm floating-mount disc to provide a plenty of stopping power when you need it.

New tires that provide solid grip

Suzuki is aggressively employ Bridgestone BATTLAX HYPERSPT 521 tires, which feature a high level of controllability and solid feeling of traction especially tuned for Suzuki using the highest technology honed in the world's most demanding races, these tires help position the GSX-S7SO at the top of the food chain.

Sporty, lightweight wheels

Newly designed light-weight 10-spoke cast aluminum wheels enhance the appeal of the GSX-S75O.

Petal-type front and rear discs

Adopting a petal-type design for the 3lOmm floating-mount front discs adds an even sportier look to the GSX-S75O's bold styling.

Full control at your fingertips

Switches on the handlebars let you select traction control modes and change the LCD information displays on the fly for full control over your settings and riding environment.

Full LCD instrumentation

The GSX-S750 features a lightweight, brightness-adjustable LCD instrument panel. Readouts include the speedometer, tachometer, track control mode status, gear position, odometer, dual tripmeters, coolant temperatures, driving range, fuel consumption and a clock. You can personalise the tachometer readout from a choice of five display patterns.

Variant cross-section swing arm

With tapered lines that speak of performance and sporty good looks, this new swing arm design is a perfect fit for the GSX-S750. It also features a clean and stylish new chain adjuster.

KYB inverted front forks

Inverted front forks featuring 41mm stanchion tubes and bold looking anodized upper tubes provide a sporty ride that is also smooth and comfortable. Spring preload can be adjusted to match the conditions and your riding preferences.

Lean, clean exhaust system

The streamlined design of this updated exhaust system eliminates the need for Suzuki's Exhaust Control Value, improving its looks, greater performance and reduced weight. That includes the fresh, clean appearance of its new fitting, shot peened stainless steel heat shield (except Z model). The system also adopts the same catalytic converter as on the GSX-S1000, which helps satisfy Euro 4 emissions regulations.

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