Air Blade

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Air Blade AT Honda Moped Air Blade AT Honda Moped Air Blade AT Honda Moped Air Blade AT Honda Moped


  • LED Tail Light & Brake Lights
Brilliant LED lights ensure high visibility for added safety.
  • Twin Projector Headlights
Dual light system increases lighting efficiency and ensures superior illumination.
  • Idling Stop System
Automatically shuts off the engine temporarily when the bike is at a standstill to save fuel.
  • Stylish Exhaust Design
Sporty, angular lines add style and a tough, edgy look to the exhaust.
  • Sporty Speedometer
Bold LCD screen displays fuel level, digital clock, odometer and tripmeter to best effect.
  • Combined Brake System
Distributes the braking force between the front and rear wheels even if only one brake lever is pressed- for smoother and more effective braking.
  • Remote Response Key
Helps you locate your bike quickly and easily as a beeping sound will be emitted and the lighting system will flash when the key is pressed. The key shutter area and U-Box will also light up.
  • PGM-FI
An eco-friendly, electronic fuel-injection system boosts performance significantly.
  • Lamp For Lock & U-Box
A lamp automatically lights up to help you search for items quickly and easily.
  • Convenient Fuel Tank Cap
The seat need not be opened when filling up fuel for fast and convenient re-fuelling.
  • Versatile Locks
Double-locking system ensures added safety.
  • Side-Stand Switch
The engine only starts once the side-stand switch is raised, for riding safety.
  • Large U-Box
Spacious storage with organised compartments allow you to store items easily.
  • Tubeless Tyres
For increased safety in the event of unexpected tyre punctures.
  • 125cc, 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder
Performance and fuel efficiency are increased with this new, more powerful and eco-friendly engine. Engine Enhanced Smart Power(eSP) uses low-friction technologies fro improved output efficiency, greater durability, quiet operation and excellent fuel consumption.
  • Integrated ACG System
Helps to start the bike smoothly with maximum friction reduction, fuel savings and easily restarted.
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